Play games, make friends, or make money streaming & launching new games.

GAMESPARK™ gives players & game makers a direct connection to their fanbase. Earn ongoing revenue by joining our platform. 

GAMESPARK™ is the Original Multiplayer game brand since 1999

Make Money with GAMESPARK™


Our pro players dig PVP games, but they also play all the latest RPGs and FPS games. We offer streaming and sponsorship services in eSports and eSports competitions. We provide the platform for streaming  gameplay and decentralized game development + distribution. Chat about tactics and strategy or find people to create, build, and launch new games with.

GAMESPARK™ Incubation


 Do you have a great game idea, and need some helping getting it to market successfully? Tell us what you need, and let's work together!

Our goal is to provide all the support you need to scale fast. From fundraising, to matching with industry leading mentors and pros who will assist you in designing, producing, marketing, and distributing your game.

GAMESPARK™ since 1999


GAMESPARK™ is the original multiplayer game platform brand, serving gamers all over the world since 1999 with services such as social multiplayer gaming and chat since 1999.

Play Free and Paid Games  with People all over the world, Chat with friends,  Broadcast your Game Play, or Learn how to Launch and Distribute your own games. 


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Gaming Videos and game building classes

Check out some of our players gameplay videos and  reviews of the latest games! Be sure to follow us on social media to find out when we will be streaming next. Make sure to sign up for our webcast game building classes.


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